Candidate Responses

You are represented by four members on Pueblo City Council: one member who is from your specific district and three “at-large” members who represent the whole city. You can see responses from candidates for each district by selecting from the menu below.

What will you do to help increase access to and consumption of healthy, affordable food in Pueblo?
Would you support the adoption of a “health in all” resolution ensuring the ramifications of health are considered when thinking about all policies that come before you?
Would you support funding the development of additional public recreational facilities?
Would you support funding for the construction of additional infrastructure – like bike lanes, sidewalks, and trails – to allow for easier and safer walking and biking?
Do you support the initiative that’s currently on the ballot to raise the marijuana excise tax?
We know that a person’s health status has a direct link to their socioeconomic status. If elected, what would you do to help alleviate Pueblo’s high rates of unemployment and poverty?

Candidate responses are printed verbatim. Healthier Colorado has not edited any of these responses for content or grammar, except where they exceed the 200-word limit for responses to each question. We make no claim as to the factual accuracy of the answers contained herein.